Tomoe Shinohara

Born 1979. In 1995 major debuted as a singer. And she displayed a wealth of talents as a fashion designer, actress, singer song writer and so on. The 90's she made the big movement of own fashion culture called ‘Shinora’. In 1996 got a prize of Golden Arrow Award (the Rookie of the Year award). In 2000 got a prize of the Best Jeanist Award.  In the fashion college she acquired the professional skill of the fashion design. In 2013 she designed the fashion not only her stages but Yumi Matsutoya’s tour concert. Yumi Matsutoya is the one of the most major singer in Japan. In 2014 inaugurated a director of NPO Design Association. In 2014 nominated a member of the Cool Japan movement, the Cabinet Secretariat (Intellectual Property Strategy Promotion Headquarters). In 2011 she passed a class 3 licensing examination of the astronomy-space. She performed her live at the planetarium and explained the starlit sky.


Producer, Director:Kaori Ishii

Born 1978. Graduated from Sacred Heart University, Department of Literature, Faculty of Philosophy. Worked at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, Sports and Technology. At the same time, I started studying at the Film School of Tokyo after my work hours. I made my first short documentary,'Sorry Grandma', which won the first prize at the Osaka Abeno Human Documentary Film Festival 2005. My second documentary 'Chain of Life-The Artistry of Mokuhanzome Kimono-', depicted Japan’s oldest dyeing technique. It was screened in Tokyo for 3 weeks and in many film festivals in Japan, the United States of America, Canada, China, Thailand and the Philippines. I also worked as an assistant to Sumiko Haneda, who is one of the most famous documentary filmmakers in Japan. I was then the director of some TV dramas and Web dramas. After all those enriching experiences, I completed a long documentary film,'A Handful of Salt', which won the Best Cinematography prize at Cebu International Documentary Film Festival 2013. My latest project is called 'The Genealogy of Sake' and is about Sake Brewers of the Noto peninsula. While working on this documentary, it led me to another concrete activity, which consists in organizing sake tasting tours made by the Noto Brewers.

Original Music:Kensaku TANIKAWA

Born in 1960, and studied jazz piano under Masahiko Satoh. As a performer, he organizes concerts throughout Japan; 'DiVa', the trio band that sing contemporary poems, 'Palhaco', the unit with the harmonica player Chikara Tsuzuki, and he works with his father Shuntaro Tanikawa to bring the collaboration of reading and music. Started to work on composition and arrangement from the mid-eighties,and he created music for movies such as '47 RONIN'(1994),'Ryoma’s Wife,Her Husband,and Her Lover'(2002),and the theme music for the well-known NHK documentary 'At the Moment,  History Was Made'. Won the Japan Academy Awards in 1988,1995, and 1997. Recent activities: Music director of 'The village, never strucked by lightning'produced by Biwako-hall in2006. Composed 'Sketch of Jazz'to dedicate it to Izumi Tateno. 'A Handful of Salt'(won a prize of the best cinematograpy of Cebu documentary Film Festival) directed by Kaori Ishii in 2011. Produced music of 'Jazzing', a picture book by the illustrator Yoko Yamamoto, the integration of picture, essay, and sound. Music producer of NHK animation 'The Animal Conference on the Environment'.

Musicians of original music

Piano:Kensaku Tanikawa/Trumpet:Masahiro Makihara/Horn:Erina Matsushima/Trombone:Tomoki Mitsuka/Tuba:Atsushi Matsunaga/Soprano saxophone:Mahoro Iwasa/Bass:Hiroaki Mizutani/Percussion:Kikuko Yasui/Marimba:Yukapon/Sound Engineer:ichiro(Premier Engineering Inc.)/Assistant Sound Engineer:Asuka Sudo(Premier Engineering Inc.)/Recording Studio:STUDIO Dede/Mastering Studio:ichiro Room

Producer:Kaori Ishii, Rika Saigo

Director of Cinematographer:Takehiko Tamiya

Born 1967. Graduated from Meiji University, Department of Literature. And he started to study about the technique of the cinematographer at Japan Academy of Moving Images. After graduated, he studied under Takashi Kawamata, Tatsuhiko Kobayasih, Ryu Segawa, Koichi Saito. He shoot the drama-films, documentaries, and TV commercials. Major works include 'Homesickness'(1999), 'Moumo-Chenga'(2001), 'Captain'(2006), 'Hiroshima Nagasaki (Hiroshima part)' (Formal invitated of Sundance Film Festival)(2007), 'A Daydream'(2009), 'Thanatos'(2011), etc.(2007), 'A Daydream'(2009), 'Thanatos'(2011), etc.

Sound Recordist:Manabu Otsuka

Born 1969. In 1990  started to work as an assistant of the sound recordist at the center ot Nikkatsu Studio. He made his debut as a sound recordist in 2009 and has since been recording film, television dramas and television commercials. Major works 'Suspense TV drama of the police investigator of the railway'(2009), 'Abashiri Family'(2009), 'A series of the Saturday night TV drama  a woman of the Shokatsu' (2010), etc.

Film Editor:Kazuyoshi Masanari

Born 1978. Graduated from Kurashiki University of science and the arts. He studied under Michio Konishi, Motohiro Torii, Haruo Mizuno. In 2005 he directed the movie 'My youthful Hero' was accepted at the Indies Movie Festival, ant started to lent this DVDs at Tsutaya which is the one of the biggest store of DVDs and CDs. In 2006 he directed the film 'Good Morning' won a best prize at the Peace & Green Boat Film Festival. In 2010 he directed the film 'KANATA KIMI E' was shown at the theatre of the Hiroshima mountain hut. He works as the director, the editor and sometimes as a cinematographer of the film, TV News, Promotion videos.